PM: If Sectors Hit by Lockdown Do Mass Testing, Restrictions Could Be Eased

Igor Matovic as prime minister (OLANO) holding part of an antigen test kit. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, November 10 (TASR) – Restaurants, gyms, schools and religious communities could organise mass testing for coronavirus with the use of antigen tests, and they then would be allowed to open under specific conditions, while letting in only people with a negative test, said Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLANO) on Tuesday after meeting representatives of sectors that were forced to close due to Covid.

The state could provide help in the testing organised by these groups by providing equipment and assisting personnel from the military and police.

Representatives of the aforementioned groups should meet Matovic again on Thursday, with the final decision to be announced by Matovic on Friday.

If this proposal isn’t accepted or the aforementioned communities aren’t able to set up enough testing sites, restrictions will continue being in place, with countrywide testing to be organised again, in case there’s a relatively more significant increase in the number of new infections, added Matovic.