Poll: Caputova to Win First Round of Election with Comfortable Margin

Presidential Palace. (Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 28 (TASR) – If presidential election were held in February, the first round would have been won by Zuzana Caputova with 44.8 percent of votes, followed by Maros Sefcovic on 22.1 percent, both of whom would have advanced into the run-off round, it follows from a poll conducted on behalf of TV Markiza by Focus agency.

The third place would have gone to Stefan Harabin (12 percent), followed by far-right candidate Marian Kotleba (8.2 percent), Frantisek Miklosko (3.5 percent), Bela Bugar (3.2 percent), Eduard Chmelar (2.5 percent) and Milan Krajniak (2.4 percent).

Fewer than 1 percent of votes would have been garnered by Martin Dano (0.9 percent), Robert Svec (0.3 percent), Juraj Zabojnik (0.1 percent), Ivan Zuzula and Bohumila Tauchmannova (both 0.0 percent).

Three weeks ahead of the election, 17 percent of respondents were still undecided, whereas 5 percent wouldn’t have voted at all.

The poll was carried out on a sample of 804 respondents, following the withdrawal of Robert Mistrik from the race.