Poll: Smer-SD Would Have Won Election, Followed by LSNS and PS-Together

Slovak Parliament (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 12 (TASR) – If a parliamentary election had been held in December, it would have been won by Smer-SD on 19.6 percent of the votes, followed by the far-right Kotlebaites-LSNS on 11.8 percent and Progressive Slovakia-Together on 10.3 percent, according to a recent poll conducted by Focus agency.

The poll was carried out on a sample of 1,008 respondents between December 2-9.

Next came For the People (9.2 percent), OLaNO (8 percent), We Are Family (7 percent), the Christian Democratic Movement and Freedom and Solidarity (both 5.7 percent) and the Slovak National Party (5.4 percent).

Below the 5-percent threshold and thus outside Parliament would have been Most-Hid and MKS (4.3 percent each), Good Choice (3.8 percent) and Homeland (2.1 percent).

Other parties garnered less than 1 percent each.

Smer-SD would have received 36 seats in the House, LSNS – 21, PS-Together – 19, For the People – 17, OLaNO – 14, We Are Family – 13 and KDH, SaS and SNS – nine each.