Poll: Voice-SD Would Have Won Parliamentary Election on 20.3% of Votes

Slovak Parliament (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 5 (TASR) – If parliamentary election had been held by the end of May, Voice-SD of Peter Pellegrini would have won with 20.3 percent of votes, followed by Smer-SD of Robert Fico (14.9 percent) and SaS of Richard Sulik (11.1 percent), it follows from a poll conducted by the Focus agency on behalf of TV Markiza.

The Progressive Slovakia of Michal Simecka (9.1 percent) would have ended up fourth, followed by OLaNO of Igor Matovic (8.1 percent), Republic of Milan Uhrik (6.8 percent), Christian Democrats of Milan Majersky (6.5 percent) and We Are Family of Boris Kollar (5.6 percent).

Failing to make it to Parliament would have been ethnic-Hungarian Alliance (3.7 percent), Slovak National Party (3.7 percent), For the People (3.1 percent), far-right LSNS (2.8 percent), Good Choice (1.4 percent), the Hungarian Forum (1.1 percent) and Together (1.1 percent).

Voice-SD would have acquired 37 seats in Parliament, Smer-SD 27, SaS 20, Progressive Slovakia 17, OLaNO 15, Republic and KDH 12 each and We Are Family 10.

The poll was carried out in May 25-31 on a sample of 1,008 respondents.