Prochazka on Miskov’s Billboard Offer: Smer Is Siet’s Only Rival

Siet chairman Radoslav Prochazka (TASR)

Bratislava, January 29 (TASR) – Smer-SD is the only opponent of the Siet party, said Siet chairman Radoslav Prochazka in response to the SKOK party’s offer of 100 billboards to Siet in February if Prochazka states a clear yes or no to post-election cooperation with Smer-SD, said Prochazka on Friday in reaction to SKOK chairman Juraj Miskov’s press conference earlier on the same day.

“It [Smer as Siet’s sole rival] has always been like that. We and Smer-SD have always viewed each other as the main election adversaries, and nothing has changed about that,” said Prochazka.

“I won’t run a campaign for parties whose purpose in participating in the contest isn’t even clear to me. Juraj Miskov isn’t my rival,” said Prochazka, adding that he didn’t fully understand Miskov’s offer.

According to Prochazka, Siet has always communicated with the public via its programme. “We’ve focused on the fact that we would say what we want to do and can do for people. We won’t address any attacks or banter with other parties, and we call on them to do the same. We’ve endured this the whole time, and we aren’t going into the finale of the campaign to engage in such ridiculous scuffles,” said Prochazka.