Progressive Slovakia and Together Present Joint Campaign for EP Elections

European Parliament (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 12 (TASR) – A coalition comprised of the extra-parliamentary Progressive Slovakia (PS) and Together parties is running its campaign for the European Parliament elections under the slogan ‘A Genuinely European Slovakia’, the parties’ MEP candidate Vladimir Bilcik told TASR on Friday.

Bilcik noted that the slogan of the campaign expresses efforts to catch up with western Europe. “We don’t have to feel like second-class Europeans. It’s time to bring Slovakia’s European journey to a successful end,” he said.

The parties presented their 14 candidates for MEP posts at the New Cvernovka Cultural Centre in Bratislava on Thursday (April 11). In addition to its candidates, the coalition presented its election agenda. It wants a genuinely European Slovakia to be a long-term source of success and good life for people and to protect and develop democracy, freedom and justice for all. At the same time, the coalition wants to address challenges in security and trade, where it’s a good idea to unite forces.

The EP elections in Slovakia will take place on Saturday, May 25. Slovaks will elect 14 MEPs for five-year terms. Slovak citizens along with citizens of other EU-member states with long-term residence in Slovakia are eligible to vote in the EP elections.