Rasi in USA: Smer-SD Could Persuade Lajcak to Run for President

Richard Rasi and Miroslav Lajcak (Photo by TASR)
New York/Bratislava, July 22 (TASR-correspondent) – Vice-premier and Smer-SD vice-chair Richard Rasi still believes that the social democrats could be able to persuade President of the 72nd UN General Assembly Miroslav Lajcak (a Smer-SD nominee), who also serves as Slovakia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, to run for the presidential palace in the presidential election in March of next year.

During his visit at the UN, Rasi also tried to tell Lajcak that he can’t imagine a better candidate. Lajcak reiterated that he’s satisfied where he is and still sees himself in foreign policy.
“Miro Lajcak is, in my view, an extraordinary person. If we managed to convince him to fight this struggle, and if he was successful, he would be such a representative of Slovakia at the highest international level, which Slovakia probably hasn’t had yet. From the point of view of Slovakia’s representation at the international level, we don’t have a stronger candidate at present,” Rasi told TASR.
Rasi noted that Lajcak is a professional diplomat and the first Slovak to lead the UN General Assembly. “He’s very much praised in the UN corridors, he’s a capable diplomat and manager,” said Rasi, adding that the president should also be a person that is recognised for his range of knowledge and diplomatic career.
“I have respect for the office of the Slovak president, and I don’t conceal that there are a lot of people who are addressing me and in some way expressing their wish to see me in that post. But I see myself in foreign policy. I don’t feel a stronger demand from society for me,” Lajcak told TASR. Interest in the presidential palace has already been shown by more than ten applicants. “There are a lot of characters and small characters who are looking forward to making themselves visible. And I don’t feel the need to be a part of that show. It seems so far that Slovak society is satisfied with the offer and I’m happy where I am,” said Lajcak.