SaS Elects Three New Members of Republic Council

SaS head Richard Sulik (stock photo by TASR)

Levoca, March 18 (TASR) – The Opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party elected new members of the Republic Council as well as new representatives of its supervisory and arbitration committee at its party congress in Levoca (Presov region) on Saturday.

The party’s vice-chair post that has been vacant since Jozef Mihal’s departure from SaS wasn’t filled.

According to SaS head Richard Sulik, the party is ready to take over responsibility for the country. “Even though we have only 170 members, each one has been carefully selected and in the case of taking over responsibility, we’re capable of filling the decisive positions immediately,” said Sulik.

The SaS leader further noted that in the autumn of 2016 the party laid out its eight most important priorities for Slovakia. These are the EU membership, security and justice, a key reform of the levy system, addressing the Roma issue, improving the business environment, health care, education and an effective state with a balanced performance.

Regarding the party’s vacant vice-chair past, Sulik said that a new person should be elected soon. “I wanted to wait for today’s election of the three new members to the Republic Council, so that they can elect a new vice-chair,” said Sulik, adding that in his party a vice-chair is elected by the Republic Council and not by the congress.

Martin Poliacik, Milan Laurencik and Vladimir Sloboda have become new members of SaS’s Republic Council, which has 12 members in total and every year party members elect three new members for a four-year period. Radoslav Sloboda and Juraj Lenhardt were elected new representatives of the party’s supervisory and arbitration committee.