Siet MPs Reject Potential Joint Caucus With Three We Are Family MPs

Siet rejects potential joint caucus with three We are Family MPs (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 3 (TASR) – A number of Siet (Network) lawmakers reject the potential creation of a joint caucus with three Boris Kollar-We Are Family MPs (Peter Marcek, Martina Simkovicova and Rastislav Holubek), TASR learnt on Friday.

The three We Are Family MPs were recently on the receiving end of public criticism from their chair Boris Kollar, who isn’t satisfied with their work in Parliament.
“No, I disagree. Politics can’t be about buying votes at all costs. If this were to happen, it would be a huge disappointment in the inner workings of this governing coalition,” Siet vice-chair Eduard Adamcik told TASR.
Fellow party vice-chair Katarina Csafalvayova said that it would be unacceptable to sit in a joint caucus with advocates of extremist views. “I don’t perceive the values on which this party [We Are Family] ran in the election to be compatible with what I’ve been promoting long term,” she said.

This view was echoed by fellow Siet Presidium member Igor Janckulik, who sees no merit in such a union. “I don’t see any benefit in this. The governing coalition governs with enough votes and a comfortable majority in Parliament. Such steps aren’t necessary and would only work to antagonise voters needlessly,” he claimed.

According to Siet’s official stance, the party hasn’t ruled out potential cooperation with the lawmakers currently affiliated with Boris Kollar. However, it won’t pursue such cooperation actively, as there is no reason for this. “The coalition is stable in its current line-up,” said Siet spokesperson Karmen Nemetova.

We Are Family has 11 seats in Parliament. If the three MPs did leave its ranks, the caucus would shrink to eight members – the minimum required for the existence of a caucus. The three MPs could provide significant help for Siet, however, which lost its caucus earlier this year in the wake of the departure of several lawmakers. If the trio joined forces with Siet, the party would be able to re-form a caucus with ten members.