Siet Regional Council Supports Prochazka’s Course of Action

Siet chairman Radoslav Prochazka arrives at a press briefing following the party's Slovak Regional Council session in Kosice. (Photo by TASR)

Kosice, April 30 (TASR) – Coalition party Siet’s Slovak Regional Council at a session in Kosice on Saturday expressed support for party chairman Radoslav Prochazka’s course of action following the March general election.

The delegates agreed on three fundamental points of the final statement. “The Siet Slovak Regional Council views the general election result (5.6 percent) as disappointing compared to expectations, but at the same time also as an opportunity to carry out a substantial part of the plan on introducing a functioning state. The council expresses acknowledgement and support for Siet chairman Radoslav Prochazka in his course of action in post-election negotiations. The council endorses commitments as stipulated by the Government Manifesto, and calls on the Siet Presidium and officials in legislative and executive bodies to implement these commitments promptly and thoroughly,” states the official statement as read out by Prochazka before journalists in Kosice.

The regional council appealed on a speedy adoption of an effective law tackling the presence of letterbox companies in public business, introduction of an anti-bureaucracy package for small and medium-sized enterprises and specific moves in support of underdeveloped districts.

Further, as part of preparations for Slovakia’s Presidency of the EU Council, the Government and Parliament should be more active in presenting the importance of Britain remaining in the EU. Last but not least, the Coalition (Smer-SD, SNS, Most-Hid and Siet) should introduce a so-called investment exemption from the Debt Brake Law for speedy construction of road infrastructure as a prerequisite of economic development and mitigation of regional disparities, stated the Siet council.

Prochazka also commented on the situation in Siet’s membership base following the general election. According to him, the membership slump over Siet’s joining of the Smer-led Government by far hasn’t been so alarming as presented by some of the party’s defectors. It’s been only a minute percentage of the overall membership, while the trend has even begun reversing, said Prochazka.