Sipos: OLANO Notes Attempts to Dismantle its Caucus

OLANO caucus chair Michal Sipos (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 28 (TASR) – The OLANO party is saddened by the manner in which MP Juraj Krupa chose to leave its caucus, OLANO caucus chair Michal Sipos declared on Thursday.

According to Sipos, the OLANO has registered an increased and extraordinary effort to dismantle its caucus in recent days in order to prevent the continuation of the government.

“To leave without saying goodbye to people who were attempting to help him for years is not quite fair. At any rate, we wish him all the best,” Sipos commented on Krupa’s departure.

Sipos pointed to what he termed an “extraordinary effort to dismantle the OLANO caucus” with an eye towards preventing the government from continuing to function after a potential exit of the SaS party from the coalition. “We hope that no one else will succumb to the lure,” he added.