Smer-SD Senior Leadership Denies Any Conflict in Party

Robert Fico, left, and Peter Ziga (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava April 2 (TASR) – Smer-SD’s senior leadership doesn’t agree that there’s a conflict in the party, with Tuesday’s regular lunch at the party headquarters being devoted to a discussion and evaluation of the presidential election results, TASR learnt from several party members.

“We aren’t going to change anything in Smer. We’re going to talk about whether voters’ perception of us is good and whether we can do something about it,” Smer-SD Vice-chair and Economy Minister Peter Ziga said before the lunch.

According to him, they’re going to discuss at the lunch what impression the party gave in the presidential election and what result it achieved. “Whether it is a success or failure. I think success is when our candidate wins. We’ll discuss it further,” he said. Ziga denied they should be talking about replacing Smer-SD Chairman Robert Fico.

Smer-SD Vice-chair and MP Juraj Blanar, at least on the basis of his information, does not believe there would be a conflict in the party. “We’ve always said that we’ll discuss every election result and we’ll discuss everything that is needed for the party and its future,” he said. As he pointed out, the challenge for all political parties is that anti-system parties received significant support in the presidential election.