Smer-SD to Organise Petition, Wants Referendum with Single Question

Smer-SD chief Robert Fico (stock photo by TASR)

Banska Bystrica, June 2 (TASR) – The opposition Smer-SD party is going to organise a petition, with the referendum expected to have one question and, if successful, it will mean an end to the current government’s term, party chairman Robert Fico said at a press conference on Thursday following a meeting of the party’s presidium in Banska Bystrica.

The party plans to address other opposition entities for cooperation. According to Fico, if they manage to collect the necessary signatures by July 31, preconditions will be created for the referendum to take place together with the municipal elections set to be held in the autumn.

“If we collect the necessary 350,000 signatures by July 31, all preconditions are created for a referendum to be held in the autumn on the day of municipal elections to self-governing regions and in towns and villages so that money is not wasted. If it’s valid, the parliamentary term will end and a snap parliamentary election will be held. I suppose that the president [Zuzana Caputova] will try to thwart the referendum again but Slovakia needs a new government to calm the situation,” stated Fico.

According to him, the single question directly concerns a change to the Constitution, specifically that it will be anchored in it that it’s possible to end the term of a dysfunctional government by referendum.