SMK Postpones Talks with Most-Hid over Possible Coalition with SNS

SMK postpones talks on cooperation with Most-Hid (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 14 (TASR) – The Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK) will not attend talks with Slovak-Hungarian reconciliation party Most-Hid on Monday at which the two were set to discuss potential future cooperation due to Most-Hid’s apparent willingness to take part in a coalition with the Slovak National Party (SNS), SMK Republican Board chairman Laszlo Szigeti told a news conference in Bratislava on Monday.

“We’ve adopted a resolution that SMK will not take part in today’s talks with the Most-Hid party because it looks as though a governing coalition might be formed with SNS as part of it. Our party has a problem with that. It goes against our values orientation, and so we decided to ask Most-Hid to postpone the talks,” stated Szigeti. It’s unacceptable for SMK if Most-Hid forms a government alongside SNS, he added.

SMK originally accepted an invitation for talks with Most-Hid to discuss its proposals. SMK sees a rejection of a government that would include SNS as one of the most important conditions for cooperation.

Szigeti confirmed that SMK is still interested in communicating with Most-Hid, but this will happen only after the form of the new Slovak government becomes clear. Szigeti believes that the two parties should communicate with each other in line with the wishes of ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia. He ruled out a merger between Most-Hid and SMK, although SMK can imagine taking back people who quit SMK to become Most-Hid members when the party was formed in 2009. Some members might quit Most-Hid due to its cooperation with SNS, mused Szigeti.