SNS Staying in Coalition and Will Search for Solutions in Energy Sector

SNS first vice-charmain Jaroslav Paska (left), SNS chairman Andrej Danko and SNS vice-chair Eva Smolikova (right) (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 6 (TASR) – The Slovak National Party (SNS) will remain in the coalition and seek solutions to issues that have emerged in the energy sector recently, stated SNS leader and Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko after the party’s presidium session on Monday.

Danko added that the SNS presidium authorised him to discuss this issue with his coalition partners – Smer-SD and Most-Hid – at Wednesday’s (February 8) Coalition Council session. “I was given a mandate today to discuss what to do next in the energy sector with my coalition partners at 1 p.m. on Wednesday,” said Danko.

According to the SNS leader, the current situation concerning energy prices has been caused neither by SNS, nor by the current Government because it’s a legacy of the past. He stressed that there’s a need to resolve the state’s relation with Energeticky a prumyslovy holding (EPH) and other financial groups that operate in the field of energy. EPH is the private co-owner of Slovak gas utility SPP, electricity utility Slovenske elektrarne (SE) and energy utility Stredoslovenska energetika. Danko has been critical of the activities of foreign companies in the energy sector over the long term.

“We must publicly object to the fact that someone has been blaming SNS for the hikes in energy prices,” said Danko, adding that party nominees had no impact on energy pricing. “Our nominees took up certain posts only after these unfortunate regulatory proceedings,” said the SNS head, adding that nominees in state enterprises often play only the role of statisticians.

Last week, Danko admitted that there is a crisis in the coalition due to the increases in energy prices. He was critical of the activities of then chairman of the Office for the Regulation of Network Industries (URSO) Jozef Holjencik, who in the wake of the energy scandal announced his resignation to Prime Minister Robert Fico last Thursday (February 2).