Sulik: District Offices Come Under OLaNO’s Ministry, It Should Fill Posts

Freedom and Solidarity Chair Richard Sulik (stock photo by TASR)
Bratislava, June 23 (TASR) – Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) chairman Richard Sulik doesn’t object to the OLaNO party filling the posts of heads of district offices, explaining that politicians have been given a public mandate, so they should assume responsibility for individual subordinate posts, TASR learnt on Tuesday.

Sulik also pointed to an agreement stating that each party is responsible for the ministries that it acquired after the election, along with the bodies and institutions that fall under them.
“There’s nothing to discuss there. We have a general agreement,” said Sulik, adding that district offices come under the Interior Ministry, so he considers it natural that the posts will be filled by OLaNO. “If it decides to carry out selection procedures, let it carry out selection procedures; if it decides to put its own trusted person there, let it put its trusted person there,” he added.
Sulik noted that from the very beginning he’s been speaking about the need to assume political responsibility for individual bodies subordinate to ministries and ministers, including, for example, the post of Police Corps president.