Sulik: I’m Not Taking Matovic’s Statements as Personal Affronts

Economy Minister Richard Sulik. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 17 (TASR) – Economy Minister Richard Sulik (Freedom and Solidarity/SaS), reacting to a call by Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLANO) on him to resign by Christmas on Thursday, preserved a calm demeanour, stating that the prime minister is dealing with an “extreme situation” involving the coronavirus outbreak.

“I’m not taking Igor Matovic’s statements as personal affronts because I understand the extreme complexity of the situation and his unique responsibility. Freedom and Solidarity is performing all tasks related to its powers [in Government] responsibly, and it’s doing everything possible to push through as much of its programme as possible for the good of the public. I’m sorry to see us losing precious time when actions and not tears decide,” wrote Sulik on Facebook.

Speaking on Radio Expres, Matovic called Sulik an “idiot who hasn’t been able to buy [coronavirus] tests to save lives and health, protect the economy, be able to send children to school and open restaurants”. He also called on the first deputy minister to resign. “I’d be pleased if he filed [his resignation] by Christmas,” said Matovic, whose voice shook at times, with some strong language used.

Also reacting to Matovic, SaS MEP Lucia Duris Nicholsonova instead called on the prime minister to step down. “With a different prime minister, this Government would be able to see out its term comfortably, introducing many positive changes, including in education, the economy, justice and a clear foreign policy orientation for Slovakia. We really deserve statesmen, not snivelers,” added Duris Nicholsonova.