Sulik: Mihal’s Exit Due to Difference in Views and Mihal’s Busy Schedule

Jozef Mihal (left) and Richard Sulik (right)

Bratislava, February 21 (TASR) – Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party MP and founding member Jozef Mihal has opted to leave the party due to a divergence of opinion regarding migrants between the two of us and due to his busy schedule involving training courses on taxes and levies, SaS chairman Richard Sulik wrote on his social network account on Tuesday.

“A political party operating in Slovakia needs to fight for the freedom of Slovakia’s inhabitants first and foremost, and the arrival of a large number of migrants would reduce this freedom considerably,” said Sulik.

Sulik said that he regrets Mihal’s exit, given that the party is losing a top expert and a comrade in arms. “We were together in this from the very get-go. Unlike the ‘business wing’, which left four years ago (I now consider this to be SaS’s high point), I’m sincerely sorry about Jozo’s [Jozef’s] departure,” said Sulik. By the ‘business wing’, Sulik meant the defection of five senior SaS representatives and a number of rank-and-file members in the spring of 2013 following Jozef Kollar’s unsuccessful bid for the SaS chairmanship.

Mihal announced on Monday that he’s leaving because of Sulik’s stances. “Those who know me are aware of my loyalty and my tolerance for many things for a long time. SaS is ceasing to be the liberal party that I co-founded as one of the four members of the preparatory committee in 2008 and 2009,” he wrote.