Sulik: SaS – Only Rightist Party Capable of Seizing Power

Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) leader Richard Sulik (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 23 (TASR) – Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) is the only rightist party in Parliament with essential infrastructure to take over the power, said SaS leader Richard Sulik at the eighth party congress in Bratislava on Saturday.

“KDH is outside Parliament, SDKU-DS is disintegrated and Most-Hid is in Coalition with Smer-SD. Siet (Network) party didn’t meet the expectations and parties such as TIP, Skok and Sanca were seen through by voters. What’s left is OLaNO-NOVA, which is more of an aggregate of personalities than a party fit for ruling,” stated Sulik.

Sulik stressed that SaS isn’t a one man’s party, nor a one-off party. “We’re a full-fledged entity and we’d like to take over responsibility after next general election. We’d like to make Slovakia a better and more beautiful country to live in,” noted Sulik.

With respect to the election result, Sulik remarked that voters appreciated party’s qualities and forgave its past sins and mistakes. “The result of 12.1 percent was staggering. We’ve experienced ups and downs, successes and internal dissension but we’ve been also amassing experience. We can call ourselves an experienced party after seven years of existence,” said SaS chairman.

When enumerating pros of the party, Sulik mentioned strong team and even stronger programme, absence of corruption scandals and oligarchs as well as transparent financing. “I felt sad that party with such attributes had to fight for its presence in Parliament. We were worried the whole autumn, when polls indicated our numbers hovering at around four or five percent. But the real result was thus far more surprising,” admitted Sulik.

According to Sulik, voters understood the importance of being true to one’s word. “Voters not only appreciated keeping our distance from Smer-SD, but also that keeping our promises. No one even pondered to question this commitment. We’ve been the biggest, the oldest and the only rightist parliamentary party since the election,” reiterated Sulik.

Future ruling party is expected to have a representation in every election and to understand the situation and problems of all people around Slovakia, not only in Bratislava. “We have to have liaison officers in all districts. We have only 160 members, but more than 4,000 friends of freedom to choose from for our regional cooperation. We’d like to win at least two governing posts in the 2017 regional election and we’ll talk about potential cooperation with our colleagues from OLaNO,” added Sulik.