Together and Progressive Slovakia to Hold Merger Talks

Together representative Juraj Hips (photo by TASR)
Bratislava, August 26 (TASR) – The extra-parliamentary Progressive Slovakia and Together parties, which ran together as a two-party coalition in the most recent general election but failed to make it into Parliament, are set to hold talks on a merger in the next few days.

The parties held similar talks back in the spring, but these were suspended, as Together decided to make use of all available means to gain popularity. The negotiation team for Together will be led by Juraj Hips, who was the party chair until recently. He’ll be joined by Together vice-chair Jaroslava Lukacovicova, MEP Vladimir Bilcik and leadership members Andrea Letanovska and Martin Pekar.

Hips stated that he’ll approach the talks with a “very humble” attitude, as he’s aware of Together’s performance in recent polls.

Meanwhile, Progressive Slovakia’s negotiation team will consist of party head Irena Bihariova, vice-chairs Michal Truban and Michal Simecka, secretary Branislav Vanco and a fifth party member whose name will be announced by the end of this week.