Trencin Regional Governor Baska Not to Give up MP Mandate

Trencin regional governor and Smer-SD MP Jaroslav Baska (photo by TASR)

Trencin, January 8 (TASR) – Unlike Zilina regional governor Erika Jurinova and Trnava regional governor Jozef Viskupic, Trencin regional governor Jaroslav Baska won’t relinquish his MP mandate, TASR learnt on Monday.

Speaking at a press conference, Baska declared: “I already said it during campaigning and I’m saying it now – there’s an advantage to being both an MP and governor. One should note how many mayors are, for example, at the Trencin regional council. I always welcome their experience accrued in mayor posts, as they’re capable of translating that experience into specific proposals deliberated by the Trencin regional council.”

Baska added that as the Trencin governor, he was able to implement some of that experience in the Parliament in the form of submitted bills in the past.

Furthermore, he claims to be saving money for the Trencin region because, as of January 1, he’s only receiving minimum wage as governor, thus allowing the region to save about €50,000 annually.

“The most important thing in my opinion is that people made a decision in the past year’s November [regional] election. I garnered the greatest percentage of votes among all elected regional governors – almost 50 percent – therefore, the people showed appreciation for my four-year work,” stated Baska.