Truban to Lead PS-Together Coalition into 2020 General Election

Michal Truban (left) shaking hands with Miroslav Beblavy (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 12 (TASR) – Leaders of the extra-parliamentary Progressive Slovakia (PS)-Together coalition Michal Truban and Miroslav Beblavy, respectively, announced on Friday that Truban will lead the coalition into the 2020 general election, while Beblavy will take the role of programme leader.

Beblavy noted that the coalition is doing well after its recent victory in the EP election. “We can cooperate, but at the same time we’re different,” he said. He’s of the belief that the agreement between the parties is the best solution for both them and Slovakia. According to him, the agreement isn’t a result of a fight and has no winners or losers.
Beblavy will also be the coalition’s candidate for the post of government vice-chair for reforms and finance minister. Truban will also be the candidate for the post of prime minister.

Truban said that Slovakia is in a need of great actions. “I believe that we’ll move Slovakia forward. Difficult times are ahead of us,” he said. When asked whether the coalition will consider cooperating with the For the People party of Andrej Kiska, Truban replied that they held talks with Kiska on Thursday. He added that they’ll know whether cooperation will be possible after Kiska’s party holds its initial convention in September.

PS and Together formed a coalition before the recent EP election, which they won. They’re currently inviting other parties to talks on cooperation. On Wednesday, the coalition signed a non-aggression and cooperation pact with the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH).