UDZS Board Members Demand Apology from Beblavy over Blacklisting

MP Miroslav Beblavy (Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 11 (TASR) – Members of the Administrative and Supervisory Boards of the Health Supervision Office (UDZS) don’t like the fact that Independent MP Miroslav Beblavy put them on his black list of names allegedly involved in a number of scandals and demand an apology, TASR learnt on Monday.

Beblavy views their response as confirmation that his call for their ouster was right.

The stance on Beblavy’s black list was approved by both the Administrative and Supervisory Boards of UDZS at their extraordinary sessions last week (April 7). Both boards claimed to be independent and unbiased, calling their previous activities to be in full compliance with the law and ethics. The boards perceive the “unsubstantiated slander” of their members as a gross interference into their expertise and civic integrity and demand a public apology from Beblavy regarding his remarks made in Parliament.

Beblavy rooted his criticism in the fact that UDZS boards failed to convene extraordinary sessions over some recent scandals – most notably, the ‘aunt Anka’ contracts involving the aunt of state-owned health insurer VsZP’s former director Marcel Forai.

Beblavy has commented on his Facebook page that this response, which “the screw-ups of our health care nor the scandals of their office failed to elicit, was finally elicited by concerns over their own posts.”

Beblavy put 93 individuals on his black list, 34 of which are involved in health care. Beblavy asks Government ministers to dismiss the individuals blacklisted back in March and to not appoint them to any post of authority.