Vetrak: Hearing of Candidates for PG Can Take Place at Earliest in November

The headquarters of the Prosecutor-General's Office (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 1 (TASR) – The hearing of candidates for the post of prosecutor-general can’t take place sooner than early November, head of the parliamentary constitutional committee Milan Vetrak (OLaNO) has stated.

“Given that the president has vetoed the bill aimed at changing the way in which the prosecutor-general is elected, we’ll have to deal with her objections at the session slated for September. After that, taking into account all legal time limits, we can carry out the hearing of candidates at the earliest in November,” stated Vetrak for TASR, remarking that Slovakia needs a functional prosecutor’s office as soon as possible.

Candidates for the post will be questioned by members of the parliamentary constitutional committee as well as a representative of the President’s Office. The hearing should be public and broadcast by the media.

Parliamentary Chair Boris Kollar (We Are Family) conceded on Friday that he’s considering slating the session to deal with vetoed bills for September 1.