Zajac Thinks Hlina Could Become Member of KDH

KDH acting leader Pavol Zajac (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 11 (TASR) – According to Pavol Zajac (Christian Democratic Movement/KDH), who has been commissioned with leading the party until the congress in June, thinks that Alojz Hlina could become a member of KDH, TASR learnt on Monday.

Hlina earlier on Monday officially submitted an application for a membership, abandoning his leadership of the Citizens of Slovakia party and then leaving his band of followers altogether.

“Since we’re an open movement and we had been cooperating with Alojz Hlina in Parliament as he was a member of our caucus, he could become a member of KDH,” Zajac told TASR.Hlina ran in the 2016 general election on KDH’s slate with number 70, meaning his only realistic hope of entering Parliament was via preferential balloting. But with 4.94 percent of the vote KDH didn’t make it to Parliament for the first time ever. Its former leader Jan Figel resigned in mid-March.

Hlina should now specify which district he would like to be part of should he become a member. “It’ll either be in Bratislava or in Orava region (northern Slovakia), which is his homeland. The caucus has to propose his admission to the party’s presidency, which in turn will deliver the ruling,” stated Zajac.

Hlina has admitted that if he is accepted, he’ll fight for the post of KDH chairman at the congress in June. “Any party member proposed by one of the congress’s delegates is entitled to run for the post. I think there’ll be plenty of candidates. The congress will decide on individual posts in a secret ballot,” added Zajac.

Hlina on Sunday wrote in his blog that he has a simple vision and is capable of presenting it clearly within a few minutes. “If KDH transforms into a modern conservative people’s party, it’ll have a chance not only to come back to the political scene but also to play a major role in it,” stated Hlina, who first entered Parliament as a member of OLaNO (Ordinary People and Independent Personalities). He adds that such a modern party voted for by Christians as well as rational people of no religion has its place in Slovakia.

“I haven’t been born into KDH, nor I haven’t been brought up in it. I had been cooperating with KDH and many people say it would be reasonable for me to run away from this cooperation. But I’m not running,” declared the former legislator, who labelled himself a modern moderate conservative.