Premier Matovic Not to Replace Health Minister Krajci with Sulik

Premier Matovic Not to Replace Health Minister Krajci with Sulik

Bratislava, February 24 (TASR) – Prime Minister Igor Matovic is not considering replacing Health Minister Marek Krajci (both OLaNO), TASR learnt on Wednesday.

The premier considers the proposal of Economy Minister Richard Sulik (Freedom and Solidarity/SaS), who would be willing to hold this post, to be an absurd and bad joke. Matovic continues to blame Sulik for the bad epidemiological situation and claims that to make him the head of the Health Ministry would be like to “throw the cat among the pigeons”.

“Richard Sulik caused this hell we’re experiencing,” said the prime minister, adding that he considered the economy minister’s proposal to be “impudence” and “an extremely bad joke”. According to Matovic, the vice-premier has no moral right to criticise Krajci.

Matovic also said that Krajci asked Sulik for a lockdown before Christmas. According to Matovic, Sulik was the one who talked about December 21, 2020, so that people could buy gifts. He also criticises him for not being able to buy antigen tests quickly. According to the premier, with the proposal to take over the Health Ministry, the economy minister tried to get rid of responsibility for thousands of deaths in a populist manner.

According to Matovic, Krajci is a man who protected the lives and health of people, while Sulik fought for open restaurants, bars and shops in mid-December last year. The prime minister also said he’ll protect the health care sector from the influence of financial groups.