President Appoints New Slovak Ambassadors to Poland and Montenegro

President Appoints New Slovak Ambassadors to Poland and Montenegro

Bratislava, January 29 (TASR) – Slovakia has appointed new ambassadors to Poland and Montenegro, with President Zuzana Caputova handing over credentials to them on Wednesday.

Andrej Droba will serve as Slovak ambassador to Poland in Warsaw, while Boris Gandel will head the Slovak diplomatic mission to Montenegro in Podgorica.

The president in a speech stated that both countries are important for Slovakia, but they are also very different. Poland is Slovakia’s neighbour and partner with an ambition to become the leader in the region. “Our countries are very close in terms of culture, language and history, but they don’t necessarily agree about everything, regardless of whether it’s the future of the European Union, problems concerning respect for the rule of law or climate protection. These are areas in which we share common challenges, but we have different attitudes towards addressing them,” said Caputova. She views the role of the Slovak ambassador to Poland as important in the sense of strengthening close relations with a neighbour and ally, but it’s also important to have a feeling for the differences in opinion between the two countries.

According to the president, Montenegro’s story is reminiscent of Slovakia’s. “Countries of this region see us as an inspiration in terms of reforms and integration,” she stated. Caputova is pleased when she hears praise concerning the work of Slovak diplomacy and experts not only in Montenegro, but also in other countries of the Western Balkans. This gives Slovakia a good name abroad and contributes towards stability in the region, she added.

The president expects the ambassadors to perform their roles mainly as a service to the country and its people. She wished them good luck in both their work and personal lives.