President Caputova Appoints Igor Matovic's Government

President Caputova Appoints Igor Matovic's Government

Bratislava, March 21 (TASR) – President Zuzana Caputova appointed in the Presidential Palace on Saturday the new Cabinet that will be led by Igor Matovic, TASR learnt on the same day.

The governing coalition is composed of four parties, namely OLaNO, We Are Family, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) and For the People. The coalition has a landslide majority in Parliament. The election winner, OLaNO, has taken seven ministerial posts, We Are Family and SaS three each, and For the People two.

The list of individual OLaNO ministers is as follows: Finance Minister Eduard Heger; Interior Minister Roman Mikulec; Health Minister Marek Krajci; Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad; Agriculture Minister Jan Micovsky; Environment Minister Jan Budaj; and Culture Minister Natalia Milanova.

We Are Family has taken three de facto ministerial seats in the Cabinet. Milan Krajniak will lead the Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Ministry, while Andrej Dolezal will head the Transport Ministry and Stefan Holy is Vice-premier for Legislation and Strategic Planning.

Freedom and Solidarity will be responsible for three ministries. Branislav Grohling will head the Education Ministry, Ivan Korcok will take care of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and SaS chief Richard Sulik is Economy Minister and First Vice-premier for the Economy at the same time.

The For the People party has obtained two ministries. Maria Kolikova has become Justice Minister, while Veronika Remisova is Vice-premier and Minister for Investments and Regional Development