President Caputova Vetoes Anti-inflation Package

President Caputova Vetoes Anti-inflation Package

Bratislava, June 7 (TASR) – Bratislava, June 7 (TASR) – President Zuzana Caputova announced on Tuesday that she has returned the so-called anti-inflation package to Parliament.

The president is vetoing it in all sections concerning the measures that should take effect as of January 2023. If Parliament breaks her veto, she will turn to the Constitutional Court, as she believes that the fast-tracked procedure was used in the breach of the Constitution. “If my veto gets overruled, it’s necessary for the Constitutional Court to settle this practice once and for all,” she added.

The head of state pointed to the fact that she is not questioning those parts that should allow for immediate aid. She minds that the provisions to take effect as of the new year have been approved in a fast-track legislative procedure, however, although conditions for that haven’t been met.

“I can’t accept systemic changes that are set to come into effect as late as January 1, 2023 – a full seven months after the bill was passed in Parliament,” she claimed, pointing out that in that case no good reason existed to skip the proper legislative process and discussion with relevant organisations and involved parties.

President Caputova referred to Finance Minister Igor Matovic’s earlier claim that the bill in question was not so much an anti-inflation proposal as rather a family revolution, and underlined that the revolutionary changes must be passed in proper legislative process. Caputova perceives the aid for families as a legitimate goal, but it’s wrong to put the people against each other under the veneer of the aid for families. Labelling the people as pro-family and anti-family, as Matovic does with respect to the bill, is highly manipulative.

Parliament passed the anti-inflation package sponsored by the Finance Ministry on May 24. Under the draft law on financing children’s leisure time, children from five to 18 years of age should monthly receive €60 for their leisure activities. The level of tax bonus and children’s allowances should be increased as well. The law was backed by 81 out of 131 MPs present in the voting.

The package was criticised by representatives of local government, as well as social partners. Meanwhile, pro-family organisations have called on the president to sign it. Coalition parties declared they won’t change their position if the president vetoes the bill.