President Kiska Receives President-elect Caputova in His Office

President Kiska Receives President-elect Caputova in His Office

Bratislava, May 14 (TASR) – Outgoing President Andrej Kiska received president-elect Zuzana Caputova in the Presidential Palace on Tuesday.

The two officials discussed the issues related to take-over of the office and declared mutual co-operation. Caputova said she’s momentarily preparing for her inauguration, set to take place on June 15, building the team of her advisors and planning her first foreign trips.

Kiska said that although he’s already met the president-elect, now he welcomed her officially. “Mrs. president will take over this office in a few days and I’m glad we could be helpful to the whole of her team. We have provided her with office premises in a nearby building where her team can work,” he said.

“Take-over of the presidential office is happening in such an atmosphere that I would probably also have wished it to happen five years ago – in a constructive and co-operative mood, in order to ensure continuity,” stated Kiska. He advises Caputova to surround herself with a team of the best people and discuss with them. Anyway, he views the names of advisors considered by the president-elect as excellent.

Caputova praised Kiska’s helpfulness, as well as co-operation with all the people and departments of the President’s Office. “I very much appreciate the gesture that President Kiska made towards me at this stage of preparation for the office and I’ll be glad if this becomes a new tradition. When I will end my mandate, I’ll be very helpful to the next president,” stated Caputova. She views staff currently working in the President’s Office as high-quality people and counts with them in the future. “It’s important to me to follow up what was good,” she said.

Caputova characterised her preparation for assuming the office as intensive. She’s momentarily building a team of her advisors, however, she didn’t want to reveal them at the moment. “We are at the stage that the list of names has already been concluded, however, we’re still holding talks on particular terms of co-operation,” she said.

The president-elect has declared that doors in the Presidential Palace will be open to representatives of all political parties. “Concerning one party that has had a declaration denying historical facts, my doors will be open to it as well if it declares change of this position,” she said.