President: Kolikova Showed Courage and Prudence as Minister

President: Kolikova Showed Courage and Prudence as Minister

Bratislava, March 23 (TASR) – The Justice Ministry, more than any other ministry, needs support by other partners in the Government, which is why I understand the reasons behind the resignation tendered by Justice Minister Maria Kolikova (For the People), President Zuzana Caputova declared on Tuesday.

According to Caputova, Kolikova repeatedly demonstrated her courage as well as prudence in her tenure as minister.

The President pointed out that Kolikova is not stepping down because she would be unable to handle the tasks entrusted to her. “Under your leadership, even in the tough pandemic times the ministry managed to carry out the long-awaited and much-needed measures of the judicial reform, which is the most comprehensive reform of this Government yet,” said the head of state, who thanked Kolikova for her work.

Caputova praised the creation of the Supreme Administrative Court. “I hope that the ongoing process of implementation will meet all the intentions and expectations that we put in this court,” she claimed, while also praising the bill on impounding property and other corruption-related legislation.

The President voiced her wish to see the introduction of extended rights for crime victims and pointed out the need to complete the court map reform. She tasked Vice-premier Veronika Remisova (For the People) with heading the ministry in a temporary capacity.