President: To Vote Means Participate in Shaping of Slovakia's Future

President: To Vote Means Participate in Shaping of Slovakia's Future
President Zuzana Caputova, stock photo by TASR

Bratislava, April 3 (TASR) - Casting a vote in the presidential election means taking part in the shaping of Slovakia's future, whereas not voting means letting others decide its fate, President Zuzana Caputova declared in her special address to the nation on RTVS public broadcaster before Saturday's (April 6) run-off round of the presidential race.

The head of state asked the people to use their franchise and vote for a candidate they find more convincing.

"When making our choice, let's not seek a perfect politician because such a politician doesn't exist. We all make mistakes. Let's seek a candidate whose values and opinions overlap the most with ours. Let's pay attention whether they practice what they preach, whether they act fairly in the campaign, and let's take a look at the extent to which they use personal attacks and how they control their emotions. Because the way a candidate campaigns reflect on how he would carry out his mandate as president," said Caputova, who urged particularly Slovaks living abroad to vote as well.

Caputova is convinced that neither of the candidates, if victorious, would drag Slovakia into war or send a single Slovak soldier to Ukraine. "The president has neither any power nor reason to do that," she remarked and voiced her sadness over the fact that fearmongering has been used in this election campaign as well.

The head of state hopes that a president will arise from the election with a strong mandate. "So that he can address real issues important to Slovakia - the quality of life, social inclusion, education, culture, the protection of minorities and environment, foreign policy and the protection of our country's interests," she claimed. Caputova hopes that Slovakia will enjoy a great reputation abroad and boast inhabitants willing to do their utmost for its development. "I wish the future president the energy and opportunity to fulfil such a service for Slovakia."