PS: Scrapping USP Worst Case Scenario Coming True

PS: Scrapping USP Worst Case Scenario Coming True
Progressive Slovakia leader Michal Simecka (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 6 (TASR) - The opposition Progressive Slovakia (PS) party has opined that the government's plan to scrap the Special Prosecutor's Office (USP) is the worst case scenario coming true, with PS leader Michal Simecka noting that his party will file a motion challenging the move with the Constitutional Court.

Simecka in this vein lambasted the government for the fact that it wants the bill to be dealt with in Parliament via fast-track proceedings, stressing that such a course of action flies in the face of the Constitution and entails eliminating any democratic debate and preventing the parliamentary opposition and expert public from having a say in the matter.

According to Simecka, the Special Prosecutor's Office has proved its worth in prosecuting corruption at the highest levels, and the government is scrapping it in order to achieve impunity and exact revenge.

At the same time, Simecka claimed that PS will protest against the move publicly, adding that the time and form of the protest will be announced after PS agrees on coordination with other opposition parties.

The government at its session on Wednesday approved an amendment to the Criminal Code scrapping the Special Prosecutor's Office (USP). In line with the amendment, cases coming within the purview of the Special Prosecutor's Office should be transferred to regional prosecutor's offices.