PS-Together Lodges Complaint Over Election Results

PS-Together Lodges Complaint Over Election Results

Bratislava, March 11 (TASR) – The coalition of non-parliamentary parties Progressive Slovakia (PS)-Together has lodged a complaint with the Constitutional Court in connection with the results of the general election, coalition election leader Michal Truban reported on a social network on Wednesday.

At the same time, they ask the court to take a stance as to whether the rule on coalitions has been applied by the same principle to all entities running in the election and whether the principle of equal access has been respected.

“We’re filing a complaint with the Constitutional Court and asking it to order the votes to be recalculated. We aren’t doing this because I hope that this could fundamentally affect the outcome and move PS-Together into Parliament. Frankly, I think the chance for such a thing is scarce,” said Truban, noting that the election is a fundamental manifestation of democracy, so no one can doubt the outcome.

As he said, he is convinced that there are serious and specific reasons for filing the complaint. He noted that they began to collect initiatives from people. PS-Together spokeswoman Silvia Hudackova explained that over the last ten days they’ve received 1,135 motions. According to her, citizens submitted the motions under their own name and in the knowledge of the risk of perjury.

The PS-Together coalition garnered 6.96 percent of the vote in the February election, which was not enough to make it into Parliament. While individual parties need five percent in the election to advance, coalitions of two parties under the electoral law need at least seven percent, and wider coalitions up to ten percent. Five percent is also enough when several parties join on one slate but do not run as a coalition. One coalition ran in the February election, and several parties used the possibility to run on one slate.