Re-elected Smer Chief Fico: We'll Be Like Bulldog Biting Government's Neck

Re-elected Smer Chief Fico: We'll Be Like Bulldog Biting Government's Neck

Bratislava, July 18 (TASR) – Former three-times prime minister Robert Fico was re-elected Smer-SD chairman at the party’s congress in Bratislava on Saturday.

Delegates at the congress also elected the following vice-chairs: Juraj Blanar, Ladislav Kamenicky, Richard Takac, Lubos Blaha and Erik Kalinak. Meanwhile, Marian Salon was elected the party’s general manager.

Blanar will focus on regional development, former finance minister Kamenicky on economy and finance, Erik Kalinak will deal with the young and social networks, while Takac’s main focus will be on agriculture and environment, said Fico at a press conference.

The ordinary Smer congress in December should elect one more vice-chair, said Fico, adding that he’d be pleased if the post were given to a woman.

“We want to be a fierce opposition party, like a bulldog that will be hanging with its teeth set in the Government’s neck. We’ll do everything possible to eventually bite the Government’s carotid artery through,” said Fico.

He declared Smer to be a pro-European, democratic and anti-fascist party, which is oriented on patriotic voters, fair relations with religious communities and the traditional family.

Citing alleged undisclosed polls, Fico said that Smer and its defector Peter Pellegrini’s new party Voice have roughly the same public support. Fico at the same time stressed that Pellegrini’s group isn’t the main foe for Smer. “Our main adversary is [Igor] Matovic’s Government,” added Fico.