SaS Caucus Called on Kollar to Resign from Post of Parliamentary Chair

SaS Caucus Called on Kollar to Resign from Post of Parliamentary Chair

Bratislava, July 1 (TASR) – The Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) caucus called on Boris Kollar (We Are Family) to resign from the post of parliamentary chair, head of the SaS caucus Anna Zemanova said on Wednesday following a meeting where Kollar answered questions in connection with the case of his master’s thesis.

SaS Chairman Richard Sulik emphasised that they won’t overthrow the governing coalition, adding that they respect the right of the We Are Family party to the post of parliamentary chair.

Zemanova explained that they talked with Kollar at the meeting for more than an hour. She added that they had informed the head of Parliament of their position. According to her, Kollar left, acknowledging it. “It’s now Boris Kollar’s move. If he doesn’t resign, we’ll discuss it and see what we can do next,” she said.

“Of course, it’s not a closed matter. The caucus will discuss the situation when new events occur. But we’ll close it one day. And when it’s closed, we’ll never remind Kollar of it again,” said Sulik, adding that not everything works perfectly, and therefore it makes no sense to unnecessarily talk about the matter with questions that lead nowhere.

Asked whether the SaS caucus would support a possible opposition initiative to remove Kollar from office, Zemanova replied that they won’t vote for any opposition proposal, also pointing to the coalition agreement.