SaS Expels Its Parliamentary Caucus Leader Blahova

SaS Expels Its Parliamentary Caucus Leader Blahova

Jasna, October 5 (TASR) – Natalia Blahova, hitherto the caucus leader of the opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), was ousted from the party at its congress in Jasna (Zilina region) on Saturday.

The proposal was presented by an ordinary party member, who believed that Blahova was damaging SaS’s reputation.

Blahova told journalists after the congress, “whipped up by emotions” and conflict, that most delegates decided to stick to party chairman Richard Sulik and reject members of the dissident ‘Democratic Core’ platform featuring several MPs.

Calling Sulik a coward resorting to intrigue, blackmail and brute force, Blahova said that he decided to get rid of those who dared to criticise his missteps, without regard to their merits in building the party.

“Delegates at the congress have approved a slate without two vice-chairs of the party – Jana Kissova and me – and without having a majority in the presidium,” said Lubomir Galko, going on to predict that SaS with such a slate will probably fail to reach the 5-percent threshold needed to make it into Parliament in the general election due in five months.