SaS Files Motion to Convene Extraordinary House Session to Oust Matovic

SaS Files Motion to Convene Extraordinary House Session to Oust Matovic

Bratislava, September 23 (TASR) – Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) has submitted a motion to convene an extraordinary meeting and vote of no confidence in Finance Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO), chairperson of the SaS parliamentary caucus Anna Zemanova said on Friday, adding that the proposal was signed by 32 MPs.

In addition to SaS, it was supported by independent MPs Miroslav Kollar and Tomas Valasek, as well as nine lawmakers from the extra-parliamentary Voice-SD party. According to the rules of procedure, Parliamentary Chair Boris Kollar (We Are Family) should convene the meeting within seven days since the motion was submitted.

“Matovic doesn’t fulfil his duties in the interest of the citizens. By the way he performs the post of finance minister, he violates the Constitution and laws, and undermines the faith of civil society in the honest and responsible performance of his duties,” said the Liberals, adding that he is ruining public finances with his ideas and proposals and that his approach makes the work of the government more difficult.

SaS rules out personal reasons for his dismissal, Zemanova declared that they aren’t directed against Matovic as a private person, but are constitutional, lawful and political. “We can’t be silent in such moments. We prefer to defend morals and ethics in public service, to defend democracy and its institutions to preserving our own political comfort,” she stressed.

The caucus head noted that the offer to support their proposal was first given to MPs who left the coalition. They excluded extremists from the initiative. She explained the signatures from MPs around Peter Pellegrini by saying that they simply accepted a public offer and the SaS caucus accepted their signatures.