SaS: If Heger Opts for Minority Gov't, He Puts OLANO Interests Ahead of Slovakia

SaS: If Heger Opts for Minority Gov't, He Puts OLANO Interests Ahead of Slovakia

Bratislava, July 22 (TASR) – If Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLANO) will opt for having a minority Government rather than oust one problematic person, then he’s not championing the interests of Slovakia only those of the OLANO party, SaS chair Richard Sulik declared on Friday.

Sulik pointed out that the SaS had withdrawn from the coalition agreement because of the behaviour of Finance Minister Igor Matovic (both OLaNO).

“Despite personal insults galore and evident lies flouted about me and other SaS members, I’ve done everything to settle the dispute. At the meeting with the Parliamentary Chair (Boris Kollar) and the Prime Minister, I asked for only one thing: to have Igor Matovic stop his senseless broadsides against the SaS.

However, shortly afterwards, he (Matovic) ruined it all with his outrageous accusations of the SaS party cooperating with the fascists. So no, that’s no longer the way to go and I made this clear to both the Prime Minister and Ms. President,” claimed Sulik.

Following the call from President Zuzana Caputova who expects the Government crisis to be resolved without delay, only two solutions are left in Sulik’s view – either the one who caused the crisis leaves or the SaS party will.

“Without any political calculations, I’m saying again that keeping the incumbent Finance Minister in office is extremely detrimental for the country, mostly because of the collapse of public finances, active cooperation with fascist lawmakers and the bending of the legislative process,” he said.