Sefcovic Congratulates Caputova on Victory, Sends Her Flowers

Sefcovic Congratulates Caputova on Victory, Sends Her Flowers

Bratislava, March 31 (TASR) – Presidential candidate Maros Sefcovic congratulated his opposite number Zuzana Caputova on her victory in the 2019 presidential election on late Saturday (March 30).

After processing more than 95 percent of polling stations results, Caputova maintains a lead on Sefcovic of more than 15 percent. Sefcovic also sent a bouquet of flowers to the winner. “I think that the first woman to become the head of state deserves it,” he claimed.

Sefcovic conveyed his congratulation by telephone as well. “I told her that as of today, she bears great responsibility because she’s becoming the head of state. I underlined that we had a rather lively presidential campaign, of course, but now Slovakia is facing times ahead that will require the country to stand united,” he said.

The unsuccessful candidate will yet consider how to utilise the voter support he has tapped into. “I find this to be a strong commitment,” he pointed out, adding, however, that he’s still facing responsibilities of the European Commissioner that he had to put on hold during the campaigning. Sefcovic ruled out his future involvement in partisanship politics. “I will be working for Slovakia, just as I have been doing all of my life.”

Sefcovic doesn’t regret his decision to run for the Slovak president nor the support he received from Smer-SD party. “Without the support by Smer-SD, I wouldn’t have made it to the second round. And if I hadn’t been in the second round, the climate we have here today would have been radically different,” he thinks.

“I accomplished my mission to ensure that Slovakia remains clearly perceived as a pro-European country and a country clearly perceived as harbouring aspirations to play the most important role within EU,” claimed Sefcovic, who was saddened only by the lower turnout in the runoff round.

The European Commissioner extended thanks to all voters who cast their ballots and special thanks to his wife and family members.