Seliga Resigns as Parliamentary Vice-Chair after Violating Curfew

Seliga Resigns as Parliamentary Vice-Chair after Violating Curfew

Bratislava, May 5 (TASR) – Parliamentary Vice-chair Juraj Seliga and parliamentary social affairs committee head Jana Zitnanska (both For the People) announced on Wednesday that they’re resigning from their posts after several media reported on the same day that they were seen sitting in a bar together with Bratislava region governor Juraj Droba during curfew hours.

Both lawmakers apologised to the public for leading by bad example, claiming that they discussed work matters at the meeting. “The fact is that such a meeting should have been held in [an office], not in a cafe,” said Seliga, admitting that the choice of their meeting place was poor.

For the People head Veronika Remisova stated in the meantime that she respects and appreciates her colleagues’ gesture, noting that For the People entered politics to bring about a new political culture in the country. According to Remisova, her party hasn’t discussed who should replace Seliga and Zitnanska in their posts yet.

Weekly Plus 7 Dni caught Seliga, Zitnanska and Droba sitting in a bar in Bratislava centre last week during curfew hours. According to the weekly, the three of them met up inside.

As for Droba, the Bratislava governor stated that he’s not going to resign over the matter. Claiming that he’s sorry for what happened, Droba remarked it wasn’t a serious enough failure to make him step down.