Smer-SD Launches Petition for Referendum Aimed at Snap Election

Smer-SD Launches Petition for Referendum Aimed at Snap Election

Bratislava, June 10 (TASR) – Smer-SD head Robert Fico announced on Friday that his party has launched a petition in support of holding a referendum that would lead to a snap general election, presenting two questions that would be asked in the plebiscite.

The first question should be worded as follows: “Do you agree that the Government of the Slovak Republic should resign without delay?” According to Fico, if enough people agree, the Government will be obliged to step down immediately after the referendum.

The second question should read as follows: “Do you agree that an early termination of the parliamentary electoral term can be carried out via a referendum or a resolution of Parliament?” If enough people agree, this would make it possible to enshrine in the Constitution the option of shortening the electoral term based on the result of a referendum or a resolution by Parliament. Fico explained that Parliament would need 76 votes, i.e. more than half of all MPs, to pass such a resolution.

At the same time, the Smer head noted that if they manage to collect the necessary amount of signatures by the end of July, or by mid-August, the referendum could be merged with the regional and municipal elections due to take place in the autumn.

The petition campaign has been supported by three opposition-minded extra-parliamentary parties, namely Voice-SD, the Slovak National Party (SNS) and Republic. Fico noted in this regard that he’ll address further political parties to lend a hand with collecting the signatures to trigger the referendum.