Smer-SD MPs Want to Convene Committee over Charges against Fico

Smer-SD MPs Want to Convene Committee over Charges against Fico

Bratislava, December 5 (TASR) – MPs for the senior governing Smer-SD party consider the charges pressed against their party chief Robert Fico to be an attack against Smer-SD, TASR learnt on Thursday.

The MPs said at a press conference on Thursday that they will initiate the convening of the parliamentary defence and security committee where they want to ask Special Prosecutor Dusan Kovacik as well as Police Corps President Milan Lucansky about these circumstances.
“We say clearly no to the charges pressed against Robert Fico,” said Smer-SD Vice-chair and MP Juraj Blanar. MP Dusan Jarjabek believes that charges against Fico have launched bullying of Smer-SD as a political party and intimidation of Smer-SD voters. Fico did not come to the press conference.

The MPs want to invite to the committee all those responsible. “I call on the supervising prosecutor who gave the order to press charges against Robert Fico to have courage to come and explain his procedure to the [parliamentary] defence and security committee; I firmly believe that both the special prosecutor and the prosecutor general will come,” said MP Erik Tomas (Smer-SD).

The Smer-SD caucus agrees with what Fico said. According to Tomas, Fico commented only on the Supreme Court’s decision, which he said he respected.

The NAKA investigator charged the ex-premier for three crimes – for defaming a race, nation and belief, for incitement to national, racial and ethnic hatred and for endorsement of the crime. In the event of his final conviction, the Smer-SD chairman can be sentenced for one to five years.