Specialised Criminal Court Releases Norbert B. from Custody

Specialised Criminal Court Releases Norbert B. from Custody

Pezinok, January 16 (TASR) – Entrepreneur Norbert B. [name abbreviated due to legal reasons] has been released from custody, a source close to the Specialised Criminal Court (STS) in Pezinok confirmed for TASR on Sunday.

A STS pre-trial judge decided to release Norbert B. from custody on Sunday afternoon. The decision is not yet valid. The prosecutor in charge appealed against it to the Supreme Court, Norbert B.’s lawyer Marek Para has told TASR.

“The Supreme Court will be deciding in a few days and we’re going to prepare for it,” said Para. He cited delays in procedures and failure to adhere to set deadlines as reasons for the release of his client. The Supreme Court should decide on the prosecutor’s complaint on January 20.

Norbert B. was released from custody on Thursday (January 13) only to be re-arrested by the National Crime Agency (NAKA) in relation to the Rolls case on the same day. According to media reports, the Rolls case concerns economic criminal activities in the area of fictitious supplies of steel.

The entrepreneur also faces charges in the Purgatory, Judas and Stock Farmer cases.