Kovacik Re-elected as SFZ Chief, Wants UEFA Super Cup in Bratislava

Slovak Football Association (SFZ) President Jan Kovacik. (Photo by TASR)

Senec, February 2 (TASR) – Sitting Slovak Football Association (SFZ) president Jan Kovacik was re-elected for his third four-year term at an SFZ election conference in Senec (Bratislava region) on Friday.

Kovacik, who was running as a sole candidate, wants to present a bid to UEFA to organise the European Super Cup match in Bratislava after the National Stadium is finished. In addition, he’d like to organise in Slovakia the U-21 European championship for the second-time ever. Slovakia organised the tournament in 2000.

“I feel a huge commitment and respect. I’m happy that we’ll continue with my team in the trend that we’ve set,” said Kovacik.

“I can’t guarantee any sporting results, but I can assure you all that we’re ahead of a period that will be one of the best ones for the development of football in Slovakia,” said Kovacik, adding that this will include support of football academies for young talents and the building of training facilities in small towns and villages throughout the country.

Bratislava is due to organise the UEFA Congress on February 26, with FIFA President Gianni Infantino in attendance.