Stricter Lockdown in Slovakia as of Wednesday, Negative Test Required

Stricter Lockdown in Slovakia as of Wednesday, Negative Test Required

Bratislava, January 27 (TASR) – Stricter lockdown rules have entered into force in Slovakia as of Wednesday, with a negative test for coronavirus or a certificate of recovery from the infection not older than three months required for individuals who want to go to work, post offices, banks, libraries, cleaners, car workshops and the countryside in the same district, for example.

Meanwhile, the police have announced stepping up of checks into the curfew.

This also holds for pupils of primary schools as of the sixth grade and all other students, and people taking children to a nursery school or other schools.

The curfew will remain in place until February 7. Negative tests will be required between January 27 and February 2 in less-affected districts and new tests until February 7 in the worse districts.

Exemptions include children younger than ten, the elderly aged over 65 and people with serious disabilities. It’s also possible to go without a test to the nearest grocery shop, pharmacy or drug store, to see a doctor or a vet. A negative test isn’t required at funerals, baptisms and marriage ceremonies, when testifying to the police or at court trials. Children of divorced parents living elsewhere are able to go to see them without a test, while the same exemption applies to those taking an infant younger than three or a dog or cat for a walk within a radius of one kilometre from their residence.

If seriously ill people without a test, such as those suffering from cancer, don’t have a certificate of their disease, a statutory declaration will be enough, but it must include a statement that the person in question is aware of possible legal consequences in case of presenting untrue information.