Stricter Rules for Ski Resorts Take Effect as of Monday

Stricter Rules for Ski Resorts Take Effect as of Monday

Bratislava, December 14 (TASR) – Conditions for hotels, ski lifts and cable cars have been tightened as of Monday.

Based on the regulation issued by the Public Health Authority (UVZ), a negative test result for novel coronavirus not older than 72 hours is required from visitors to ski resorts older than 10 years. There can be only one person or members of the same household in one cable car.

Hotel visitors must also have negative tests. Serving meals in common premises of hotels is not allowed. Hotel operators must also increasingly care about cleaning and disinfection of their premises.

According to Transport Minister Andrej Dolezal (a We Are Family nominee), Slovakia is the only country that is allowing ski resorts and hotels to admit visitors only with negative COVID-19 test results. The responsibility for making sure that only people with negative tests are allowed in ski lifts falls to individual ski resorts, stated Dolezal, expressing the hope that tourism aid will be distributed as early as by the end of this year.

As for the aid scheme for tourism, Dolezal reported that preparations are in the final stage and that the ministry is able to grant up to €200,000 per applicant. The minister would like to launch the €100-million aid programme before the end of this year, as the situation in the tourism sector has been abysmal.