Sulik Denies He Approached Opposition MPs in Order to Oust Matovic

Sulik Denies He Approached Opposition MPs in Order to Oust Matovic

Bratislava, August 9 (TASR) – Coalition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party chairman Richard Sulik rejects allegations that he would be calling opposition MPs in order to have Finance Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) dismissed, TASR learnt on Tuesday.

The SaS party objected to the information which, according to it, is being spread on social networks and which even some MPs are allegedly presenting. The party said it is false.

“I’m ready to defend myself and the SaS party because some of the nonsense that is being spread about me crosses all boundaries. One of them is the lies of Tomas Taraba, who maintains that I’m calling opposition MPs to oust Igor Matovic. The same applies to the absurd lie that I held talks with [Independent MP] Miroslav Suja, or the lie that I tried to persuade [Prime Minister] Eduard Heger [OLaNO] for an early election,” Sulik said in a statement.

The SaS leader called it a dirty game with the aim of damaging the party and forcing it to back down from the demand for Matovic to leave the Government.

Independent MP Tomas Taraba posted on a social network over the weekend that Sulik is calling the opposition MPs “that he needs to quickly oust Matovic because he and his nominees don’t want to leave the Government”. Taraba added that no one in the opposition will help the SaS and this Government to rule and called an early election the solution to the situation.

SaS withdrew from the coalition agreement and is requesting the drafting of a new one. Their demand is also Matovic’s resignation from the post of finance minister. If their demands aren’t met by the end of August, the SaS ministers want to resign.