Sulik: I Had Correct Professional Relationship with Radicova

Sulik: I Had Correct Professional Relationship with Radicova

Bratislava, November 18 (TASR) – In reaction to the transcript of a recording of a conversation between controversial entrepreneur Marian K. and IT businessman Michal Suchoba in which the former spoke of disputes between Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) chief Richard Sulik and Iveta Radicova, Sulik stated on Monday that he and Radicova had correct professional relations at the time of Radicova’s premiership between 2010-12.

SaS formed part of the governing coalition at that time.

“I had a correct professional relationship with Iveta Radicova. Her mother party, SDKU, kept throwing spanners in the works for her, but not [SaS], we stood behind Iveta Radicova,” Sulik told the media. According to him, this correct relationship lasted right up to the fall of that government. The no-confidence motion that preceded the fall of Radicova’s cabinet took place ten months after I met Marian K., stated Sulik.

[SaS in October 2011 voted against increasing the powers of the eurozone’s EFSF bailout fund in a vote that was tied to a confidence vote in the Slovak government. – ed. note]
The recording, acquired by daily Dennik N, indicates that Suchoba wanted money from Marian K. in exchange for ensuring that Financial Administration wouldn’t look into Marian K.’s taxes. Marian K. stated in the recording that he didn’t want to pay much, as he’d settled everything with Smer-SD chief Robert Fico.

Marian K. also stated in the recording that he’d recorded his conversation with Sulik, adding that Sulik had spoken negatively of Radicova. According to Marian K, these disputes helped Fico’s Smer-SD party to win the early 2012 general election that followed the fall of Radicova’s government.