Sulik Presents His Proposal for Party Slate in General Election

Sulik Presents His Proposal for Party Slate in General Election

Bratislava, September 30 (TASR) – Opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) chairman Richard Sulik presented his proposal for the party’s slate for the 2020 general election on Monday.

According to Sulik’s proposal, his own name should head the list for the general election, while Lucia Duris Nicholsonova should be number two on the slate. Third place hasn’t yet been filled, as Sulik is waiting for Jana Kissova’s stance. SaS’s slate features several current MPs, as well as ex-general director of public service broadcaster RTVS Vaclav Mika and Bratislava governor Juraj Droba.

“I created the slate so that two conditions would be met in the case of each candidate: it must be a person for which I would put my hand in the fire and it must be a person who would contribute towards the stability of the party caucus after the [general] election,” stressed Sulik.

Sulik noted that the slate is yet to be approved by party members at a nomination congress. “This is the most democratic way of approving the slate,” he stated, adding this isn’t the first time that this method has been used. He pointed to the fact that every party member has the right to submit a slate.

“The most important election awaits us,” stressed Duris Nicholsonova, adding that she’ll respect the voters’ opinion. If she manages to gain more preferential votes than in the previous general election, she’ll take it as an expression of voter opinion and will return from the European Parliament to domestic politics.

Asked what post he would prefer if he’s elected as an MP, Droba said that this will be dealt with afterwards. “I actually like working as a governor, so I’ll remain a governor 100 percent. Concerning my potential MP’s seat, I’ll discuss it with the party leadership and its chairman Sulik after the election,” said Droba.

Asked about the inclusion on the party slate of members of the SaS Democratic Core, which features figures who have come into conflict with Sulik, such as Lubomir Galko, Natalia Blahova and Jozef Rajter, Sulik repeatedly stressed the need for stability within the caucus after the election. The names of the aforementioned figures were not among the 15 presented by Sulik on Monday.